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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do Phone Masts Harm?


I do not want my precious child to be a cancer statistic.  I do not want any child at Darras Hall First School to be a statistic.  I don’t want any of the female teachers to be more susceptible to breast cancer, nor any of the people at the school to be more prone to health problems than anyone else.

I don’t want anyone within 400metres of 02s proposed mast to be used in some sort of morbid research and to have to be suing the telecommunications company in the next 10-20 years.

That’s how I feel now.  At first, although I knew that radiation wasn’t ‘good’, it wasn’t until I started my own research that I began to realise how dangerous it could be – especially for children.  I, along with others, objected about the 02 mast and was very relieved to see the Council reject the application.

However, it is STILL very much a possibility that 02 could erect the mast outside the school if they so wish.  Just because the site further down the road was rejected does NOT mean that we have ‘WON’ and 02 will just disappear!

Should they use the site outside the school, there would be no controlling any OTHER telephone company who wished to install THEIR beam at the school either – so, 1,2,3 masts?  Think of that!

THESE MASTS PULSE 24 HOURS A DAY.  Anyone in the vicinity of this mast (400metres) will be living in it 24 hours a day.  The frequency of how they pulse is very near to the human brain.  It can and does affect how our brains work, especially childrens brains. 

Mobile telephone technology is still developing.  There is no way that these companies can honestly say that they are safe – there has not been time for enough research.  Whilst we know we cannot do without them now, we CAN minimise the risks, and ensuring that the mast is NEVER sited outside the school is a start – it tells 02 that we are a community that cares for ourselves and our families.

Unfortunately, we can’t look at the Government to protect us.  As it receives £20billion + a year from the phone companies I don’t think it’ll want to stop them somehow.  We need to look after our community and ensure that 02 keep the mast away from not only the school, but from your own back door too.  We need to keep the pressure up to ensure any future masts are not next to schools, shops, playgroups, churches or peoples homes.  Its our right to keep our home and family safe.

We are holding a meeting at Ponteland Memorial Hall on Thursday 3 December, at 6.30pm.  At that meeting we will be inviting Mr Barrie Trower, a very well respected Scientific Advisor for the Radiation Research Trust and has been asked to do research for the Police Federation.  Mr Trower lives in Dartmoor and his giving up his free time to us, to come and inform us about this subject.

We also intend to ask local MPs, Councillors, TV and Radio to come along too.  We want to send a message to 02 that we won’t accept their proposals.  We value our homes and our community.

Please ensure that you come along to this meeting.  If you are not convinced about the dangers of these masts, keep an open mind and let Mr Trower talk about his research.  You may have your own questions you want answered – and he would be happy to do so.

It’s vital that we have your support – please spare these few hours!

For further information please contact myself, Ian Mclean, 872441 or email me at allison.mclean@

Thank you.