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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ponteland nursery has got talent

PONTELAND has definitely got talent if Park House Nursery pupils are anything to go by.
For not only have they learned tricky songs and music to stage their first outdoor concert, but ten of the group will see their written work in print.

Children were encouraged to enter the My First Poem competition, sponsored by Need2Know, for the chance to publish their pieces in a regional anthology.

The four-year-olds were given templates, tailored to complement the Early Years Foundation Stage programme, and were guided through the challenge by Deputy Manager of the Berwick Hill nursery Julie Summerscales.

But the bulk of the work was left to the children's imaginations as they created their own personal poems.

And now they have all been selected for inclusion in the book, which is due to be published in August.

Nursery Manager Eileen Appleby said: "The poems are absolutely superb.

"These children are just four-years-old and I think they should be recognised because the poems are really beautiful. It was a really educational project and the children were fantastic."

However, the hard work was not over for the youngsters as next up was their nursery concert.

The performance was based on the theme 'mini beasts' and children dressed up for the occasion to sing their recently learned songs.

More than 100 parents turned out to support the event.

"Every child was dressed in costumes of mini beasts and they looked spectacular," said Mrs Appleby. "As with all their annual concerts, their singing was outstanding.

"The children learned so much from doing mini beasts, understanding that everything living on the planet has a place. Learning new words like millipede, centipede, squirmy and squidgy and fitting them into some tricky songs gave them lots to laugh about.

"It was so well received, perhaps summer concerts will become a yearly event, along with Christmas concerts."